English direction at the bottom.

高知市の北にあります加賀野井団地の中にある教会です。加賀野井団地にはバスで行くこともで きます。加賀野井・宇津野行きに乗り、加賀野井第3パス亭で降りれば徒歩2分です。車か自転車などの方法でしたら、愛宕からブリコへ行き、ブリコの角を北に向かって進み、標識に従っていき ます。あるいは、イオンショッピングセンター方面からでしたら、西へ進み、秦泉寺食堂の所を右へ曲がり、加賀野井団地に向かってください。加賀野井団地に 入ると、後はカーブしながら坂を上り、しばらく行くと右側に教会堂と十字架が見えます。そこが加賀野井キリスト教会です。ちょっと分りにくい説明かもしれ ませんが、加賀野井団地を人に尋ねてみてください。大体の人は教えてくれると思います。団地までくれば後は坂をカーブしながら登ってくれば右手に教会が見 えてきます。もし、分からなければいつでもお電話ください。ご説明をいたします。 なお、駐車場は教会隣接の駐車場と第2駐車場があります。第2駐車場をご利用の方は福江牧師にお声をおかけください。ご案内いたします。

高知加賀野井キリスト教会 780-0032高知市加賀野井2-5-5 電話088-823-7776 Email: hfukue@eos.ocn.ne.jp

[Address: 2 Chome-5-5 Kaganoi, Kochi-shi, Kochi Prefecture 780-0032]

 If you are coming from Kochi Railroad Station area by car, please go to Aeon Shopping Center from there. After you reach Aeon Shopping Center, take west on North Main Road and go to the fifth set of lights. Then turn right at the lights and the road is a bit winding. After you come to a T, turn left and then quickly turn right again. That road will again be very winding. Then you will see a gravel yard on the left. Turn that corner to the left and you will begin to go up the hill on the curved road. You are now entering Kaganoi Danchi. Keep going up the hill and you will see our church on the right hand corner. You can park your car at the church parking lot. If the parking lot at the church is full, there is a second parking lot for the church only 1 minute from the church. Just ask the pastor or anyone at the church. We will be happy to direct you to the parking area.

If you are coming by bus, take Utsuno Yuki or Kaganoi (Bound for Utsuno or Kaganoi). It will take you right to Kaganoi Danchi. Please get off the bus at Kaganoi Daisan Basutei (The Third Bus Stop at Kaganoi). After you get off, go back the road a little and turn to the right. Keep walking about one minute, you will see the church on the right hand side.

If you are coming by taxi, just tell the driver “Kaganoi Danchi, please.” He will take you there with no problem. Then tell the driver “Kaganoi Kyokai” (meaning Kaganoi Church). He will be able to find it for you with no problem.

Now if these explanations are still too difficult, just call the church at (088)823-7776. We will provide you with a good direction or we can pick you up wherever you happen to be. God bless you.

Our Church is a Protestant church that primarily succeeds the faith tradition of John Wesley,the founder of Methodist Church.
We cherish the theology of justification and entire sanctification by faith in Christ Jesus and His atonement.